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Here at The Furologist we want to make sure every trip to the groomer is a great experience. To ensure this, we have a few policies that we follow closely. We ask that you read these over carefully before your first visit. 


  • While we highly recommend every dog has all vaccinations recommended by your veterinarian, we only require to see proof of an up-to-date rabies vaccination. The paperwork must show the owner and dogs name, the date the vaccine was administered and the date it will expire. Rabies tags will not be accepted.

    • The ONLY exception to this policy will be if the dog has a medical condition that prohibits them from safely receiving the vaccination. This will need to be verified by your veterinarian. 


  • It's important to us that all dogs in our care have the best experience possible. To ensure this we ask that if your pet is experiencing any of the following conditions, please reschedule your appointment. 

    • Lethargy

    • Diarrhea

    • Vomiting

    • Heat (Female Dogs)

    • Any Open Wounds

*Any same day cancellations due to health concerns are exempt from our cancellation policy.


  • We do our very best to stay on time with our appointment's and get each dog looking good and smelling fresh in a timely fashion. To make this possible we ask that all our clients arrive for their appointment's on time. Please be aware if you arrive 15 minutes late or more we may need to reschedule your appointment. If you know you will be late for your appointment please call or text ahead and we will let you know if we can accept late arrivals that day.

*Appointment's that are rescheduled due to arriving past our 15 minute grace period will be subject to our cancellation fees.


  • To accommodate as many clients as possible we ask that if you need to cancel an appointment please do so at least 48  hours before your scheduled time. This will allow another client access to that appointment time. 

  • After two violations to our cancellation policy, clients must prepay for future appointments in addition to a flat fee of $35 per violation. No refunds will be issued to any late arrivals or missed appointments moving forward. 

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