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The Furologist is a family owned and operated salon that provides pets with an exceptional service that leaves your pet not only clean, but visually happier. We cater to the physical and emotional needs of your pets by providing a high quality service offered in a low stress environment.  We are much more than groomers, we are Canine Caregivers.

For us, grooming is a way of connecting with animals. Humans have a natural need for animal companions and evidence shows that dogs help people live healthier lives by improving their cardiovascular/mental health by reducing blood pressure, stress and anxiety levels. Dogs can provide humans with a level of emotional support completely unmatched by other humans.


We strive to help pet owners connect with the joys of owning a companion by closing the gap between human and pet services. We strongly believe in educating clients on proper pet maintenance, nutrition, health, and training so you too can enjoy the therapeutic connection with your pets the way we do. It's only fair that we give all that unconditional love back to all the pets in our care.

After all, there truly is no love greater than that of a dog.


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