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Top 10 Must Buys!

The Furologist's top 10 MUST BUYS for Dogs!


  1. Lupine leashes/ Collars

LIFE TIME GUARANTEED (Even if Chewed) means we will replace any Lupine Pet brand dog collars, leashes or pet gear that has been accidentally damaged during normal pet-related activities, even chewing accidents!

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2. Kong Toys

KONG Classic is a toy that will be with your dog through all stages of life. From a puppy to the more distinguished years, KONG can serve various purposes for your dog.

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3. K9 Connectables

K9Connectables are designed to engage, and entertain your dog in a variety of ways every day. Give your dog a job and keep them active, thinking and busy!

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4. Slicker Brush/ Comb/ Groomers Stone

Slicker brushes and combs are great for all breeds with long hair. The groomers stone is great for short haired dogs. Links below.



Groomers Stone

5.Kong Zoom Brush

Kong Zoom Brushes are also great for short haired dogs that shed a ton. Can also be used to help scrub shampoo down to he skin in the bath tub!

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6. Slow Feeder

It's natural for dogs to play with their food. Add a bit of fun to every bite with a Fun Feeder! Featuring meal-lengthening ridges and mazes, Fun Feeders keep pups engaged for up to 10 times longer at chow time.

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7. Detangle/ Moisture Spray

Help remove tangles and knots with TropiClean's Tangle Remover Spray! This cruelty-free solution is made in the USA and is formulated to help ward off dirt and dust, restore moisture, reduce drying time and help prevent mats and tangles for 50% less brushing time! It comes ready to use and doesn't require any rinsing. Simply spritz your sidekick to encourage a shiny, smooth coat and fur-esh finish!

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8. Whimzees

Introduce a new love of “brushing” with the WHIMZEES Brushzees Natural Daily Dental Dog Treats. Totally edible and easily digestible, these vegetarian and all-natural treats help to freshen breath and reduce buildup on your dog’s teeth. They’re free of gluten so it’s a great solution for dogs with sensitivities, and they’re made with just nine natural ingredients that have vitamins and antioxidants. Dental hygiene is as important for dogs as it is for humans, and Whimzees dog treats make it easy for dogs to clean their own teeth.

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9. Richard's Organics Calming Aide

Soothe away your pet’s worries with Richard's Organics Pet Calm. A 100% natural and safe solution for pet anxiety and short-term stress, these drops effectively work to settle the nerves and calm your pet’s behavior. Whether you’re introducing your pet into a new environment, or it’s time for that yearly vet exam, just administer the drops before the stressful even and let the active ingredients of valerian extract, chamomile extract, passion flower extract and skull cap extract do their work. They taste great, so you can easily drop them right into your pet’s mouth.

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10. Nose Leader (gentle leader)

If your furry friend tends to get ahead of herself during walks by pulling, then try this PetSafe Gentle Leader Padded No Pull Dog Headcollar! This innovative collar helps stop pulling, lunging and jumping, along with other undesirable behaviors during your morning, afternoon or evening strolls. Created by a veterinary behaviorist over 30 years ago, this piece is designed with a neoprene padded nose loop for comfort, putting pressure on the back of the neck as opposed to her throat, to help prevent coughing and choking. This Headcollar is available in multiple sizes and the adjustable nose loop and next strap helps you find the paw-fect fit for your BFF.

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As always call, text, or email if you have any questions, want additional information, would like help with any of these products, or feedback on what to post next!


**Descriptions pulled from websites**

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